Friday, November 20, 2009

If You Can Laugh Through It, You Can Live Through It.

This is an oldie but a goodie.

I was about 6 years old, making Carrot (my sis Caren) 3 years old. It was a summer day so my dad was at work and my mom was stuck with us kids all day. She had to get ready for the evening or something like that so she picked up McDonald’s to keep us occupied and fed while she took a shower and got ready. Would you like to know what I had in my Happy Meal?? My family could tell you because this is what the whole story revolves around. I had Chicken McNuggets. YUM!

My mom headed into her bedroom to get ready and Carrot and I sat in the kitchen at the table eating our Happy Meals. I was a little bored and decided it would be fun to take a piece of Chicken McNugget and stick it up Carrot’s nose just to try to get it out later. She didn’t fuss, didn’t push away, didn’t fight at all…she LET me do it! She might have been 3 but I was only 6…so heck, we didn’t know any better. Haha.

I shoved a piece up here nose, just in the front part of the nostril, and then the part I was looking forward to the most was suppose to happen next – getting the nugget out. Hello! Operation was a game I was VERY good at. So as she sat there in the chair I ran around the kitchen getting forks, butter knives, toothpicks, and even tweezers from the bathroom. I tried and tried for a long time. I was using all those tools to try to get it out, I even made her blow out her nose while I pushed the unclogged nostril shut. That didn’t help either! I was beginning to panic because I knew my mom would not be happy with this.

After enough time went by and Carrot just sitting there patiently, I decided to knock on my mom’s door for help. She yelled through the door to find out what the matter was and I yelled back through “Caren stuck a chicken nugget up her nose and now it’s stuck!”

My mom came rushing out of her room and went straight for Carrot. She tried everything too and all it did was push the nugget up even further. She decided it would be best to rush her to the Cigna Healthcare for help. We got there and from what I remember, Carrot was just fine…other than the fact she had a clogged nugget-nostril. The nurse stuck a suction hose up to her nose and it pulled that nugget right out!!! WHEW!!!

Now, I did not confess to my mom that I was the one that actually put it up her nose until about 3 years ago. All this time she thought it was Carrot and it was so funny. Now whenever Chicken McNuggets are brought up, the family always gives me crap about it. Hahaha but it brings up good laughs.

As my subject lines says “If you can laugh through it, you can live through it” I am laughing and living…and I sure hope Carrot is now. Hahaha Poor girl. Word to the wise, never leave kids alone with chicken nuggets. :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Rude Awakening && Some Laughs

I’ve never considered myself to be claustrophobic but in this last year I have found myself to be more and more scared of being trapped. This was all proven even more so this last weekend. Let me start from the beginning.

Saturday morning Nik and I woke up to find snow falling down ever so nicely and lots of snow on the bushes and cars across the street in the parking lots. It was so fun to look at that and realize we lived in a place that SNOWS! Snow is pretty and it is fun but I don’t like to be cold or wet…so we shall see how long I really think it is pretty and fun.

We finish getting ready for the day and around Noon we are ready to head out and run some errands. The snow had stopped and the snow on the bushes and cars had melted. I ran down to our parking garage to get the car while Nik finished getting ready. I brought the car up and parked it right in front of our door for an easy leave. The sky was blue and pretty and I thought it was going to be a great day out. WRONG! I ran inside to finish packing up my purse and waited no more than 2 minutes for Nik to finish up. We walked outside to get in the car…and it was SNOWING. HARDCORE!

Just a reminder…we are from Mesa, AZ and we were lucky enough to get an inch of snow 1.5 years ago that actually stuck to the ground. That was a crazy fluke. That never happens. So we do not like the snow, nor are we used to it. I was sooooo scared driving. I couldn’t see far ahead of me nor could I see too far behind me. The windows were fogging and so I to take care of that while making sure I got the snow off the windshield, so on and so forth. The snow was coming down so fast it would just sweep across the street. I felt soooo claustrophobic because I couldn’t see all my surroundings clearly. I was so afraid of getting in an accident. I HATED IT!!!!

Luckily we got to our destination safely and that storm only lasted about 15 minutes. Then it was clear blue skies the rest of the afternoon.

Did I tell you I hate snow and am not a big fan of Utah??? We are going to AZ for the holidays to thaw out. Thank heavens!

Onto the funnies. Nik and I stopped at Sally Beauty Supply to get some hair clippers so I can cut his hair, which turned out great! While we were checking out Nik decided to check out the little cheap items right there in front of the register. The one item was one of those collapsible brushes that you have to open up and then push the bristles out and then you can use it. Well, Nik opens it up but pushes WAY too hard on the bristles and snaps the brush, causing some of the plastic connector pieces to fling across the store and down the aisle. His face was priceless. My face was shocked. The cashier’s face was caught off guard. And all in all we couldn’t stop laughing. Nik ran over to get the plastic piece as I just stood there stunned at what just happened. The cashier was nice enough to not make us pay…it was only a dollar. No biggie. We got in the car and our sides were hurting so bad. I wish I would have been able to take a picture of his face when it happened. It was HILARIOUS! Then all throughout the day we would just randomly say “Remember the hairbrush?” and bust up laughing. We were laughing so hard we had tears streaming down our cheeks.

I am so happy to be married to my best friend who makes me laugh even when I am miserable because of the snow and being wet…all because of a hairbrush!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Night Corner Help

For my Birthday, Caren came up to spend the weekend with me and Nik. That Friday we decided to go get burgers at Five Guys (the BEST burger shop everrr) and then go to the movies and see Love Happens. In between events we had to kill time so we ran down to Walmart just to walk around. As we were leaving there was, and always is, some person on the corner asking for money or help or anything. Well this one guy was asking for any kind of help to get a job. Nik decided to pull over and tell the dude about his own job. We found out the guys name is Brady and he looked to be in his 30's or 40's.

Nik kept talking to the dude but was also holding up the line of cars trying to get out of the parking lot. As the cars behind us were honking and getting irritated, so was I. Our movie was about to start, people were getting mad at us, and I didn't really think the guy would actually take what advice Nik had to offer. I'm sorry. Don't judge me. This certainly has taught me a lesson on judging street corner people.

As people kept honking Nik decided to pull back into the parking lot and talk to the guy some more. I, yes unfortunately, mumbled some under my breath as we were going back to the parking lot. I understand and have 2 handfuls of family members that are currently seeking jobs or better ones then where they are currently. I understand that the job market is not the best and that many people are suffering. I am terribly sorry for my rash judgements towards this man. I didn't think he would do anything but keep sitting on the street corner.

Nik gave him the address to his office. Nik is a Supervisor for this company that sets up Realty Seminars. It is kinda like a telemarketing job and so the turn-around rate is very high. They hire anyone as long as they can speak and arrive to work on time. The pay starts around $8/hour but if you do well they are quick to raise you up. So the chances of this guy getting a job there if he showed up was high. Brady sounded like he was a good worker and he said the only reason he is out of a job was because the construction business is hurting and so he got laid off. He has a family back at home and just something to make money to put food on the table. I then started feeling so sad for him and immediately started helping Nik give him confidence about showing up to his office and that he would most likely get a job. Nik told him that Wednesday is the hire day and to be there at 11am.

We leave and go to the movie. I apologized to Nik for being so crabby about helping this man out. At least his sign wasn't asking for money but rather for a job of any kind. I should have been more kind.

Wednesday came around and when Nik got off work I asked him if Brady ended up showing up. He did! And even better...he got the job! But gets better...he shows up early each day and ends up signing a lot of people for the seminar. Brady is very good. I felt really bad and started crying because of the judgement I placed on this man from the street corner. He has now been there for over a week. He is doing very well. Nik will even get a bonus if the guy sticks around for a month! It looks like he will unless he finds a better paying job.

I now look at the those in need a little bit differently. Kind of changing the subject - When my mom was here visiting we passed by that same Walmart corner and there was a different person there. My mom hurried into her wallet and pulled out a few bucks. I asked her "Why did you give him money? Why not just run over to McDonald's (which was right next door) and get him some food? He is probably hungry." My mom then so calming and with such a caring attitude said "That man is hurting and he can use what he wants with that money. If he wants food, he can get it. If he wants alcohol, he can do it. It is up to him and he will be judged with what he does with the money he was given, not me." I never thought of it like that. The only reason I thought so horribly was because back home there was a homeless man on my street corner by Walgreens and he would get money and he would go get alcohol from Walgreens with it. That is what he did and so I haven't had the best feelings towards giving money to those people.

Anywho...LONG story short...I am so grateful for my husbands kind and loving personality. He is always willing to help people out. I am so very blessed to have a mother that is STILL an example to me and someone I look up to. I really do hope Brady can keep this job until he finds a better one. I pray for those out there that need help. I pray for my family and friends that are without jobs and are struggling. My opinions have changed and I am trying everyday to be a better person. We all need help. It is not our place, nor has it ever been or will it ever be to judge wether one is deserving of it or not. We need to give help and what others decide to do with that help will be up to them and we will be blessed for it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Utah Residents...maybe.

September 22nd I celebrated my 21st birthday. It was a beautiful day with a high around 70degrees. Lovely Utah weather. Well instead of doing something outdoors, Nik and I decided to celebrate by going down to the DMV to get Utah licenses and become residents...and...Nik is almost 23 and still doesn't have his 21-and-older I.D. so this was a time for both of us to get ours.
The DMV wasn't that bad. In fact it was fun. The old guy that helped me out was really nice and friendly and funny. He just wanted a friend to talk to and I guess I was that friend for 10 minutes.
Nik and I passed the multiple question test and recieved our temporary licenses until our real ones come in the mail. They then took our AZ I.D.'s and punched a hole in them to cancel them out but they still gave them back to us incase we wanted them as heck, we love AZ and that is our "home" so we kept them.
After the DMV I wanted breakfast at IHOP so we ran down there and had some yummy cinnamon swirl french toast. After eating, we left to go to work and by this time it is 11AM but probably only 56-60degrees outside. This is important to know as I tell you the rest of the story.
We exit IHOP and all around us is shade. YES SHADE. Shade makes it colder because there is no sun. I am from AZ...I like the sun. I want the sun. Nik and I both immediately fold our arms and crouch down a bit as to try to keeps ourselves warm as we race to the car. We didn't think about jackets. AZ people are still wearing tank tops and shorts. So we are freezing and Nik looks over at me and with the saddest little pouty voice ever asks:

"Can we go back to the DMV and have them take out the hole in our Arizona license?? I want to go home. I don't want to stay here. It's too cold."

It was the cutest and at the same time most sad thing I've every heard him say. lol. If only you could have been there to hear him. Heck! I totally agreed with him and told him we should go back right then! We hoped in the sun-baked car and let the heat from inside the car melt away our chills. We decided we would never use our sunscreen again for the car...we like it hot!
So...I am not too sure how we are going to survive the winters here but we are going to tough it out and finish our schooling. We are not quiters!!! I love Nik and how he makes me laugh in any situation. This was one of those when it was definitely needed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Open Please!

Nik and I will be celebrating our 4th Anniversary since we started dating on the 24th of September. Don't get that confused with our Wedding Anniversary because we have just past the 3 month mark! woot woot. That being said....these past 4 years he has done nothing but treat me like a princess and now his queen. One thing he has always done and been very strict about is opening my doors. I do not open any doors when with him because this is one of the ways he likes to show me that he loves me and cares for me. For the first 1.5 years before his mission it was nice and fun getting use to having my doors opened so politely. Then he left for his mission and it was a little hard the first couple days REMEMBERING to open my own door and to not just stand there. lol. I finally got use to it and the 2 years of his mission went on. He came home and didn't even hesitate one second to open a door and would even give me a sad look when I would forget and open a door myself. Hello! He was gone for 2 years! I kinda got out of the habit. Anywho...needless to say, I haven't opened a door for myself when he is around ever since he returned.

Well, right after we got married we moved to Utah. We are all alone but are trying our hardest to make friends to change that. I do have family here and so does Nik but they are all about 30 minutes away, in opposite directions. So we do see them but not very often and not as often as I would like. So, what I am getting at is that when Nik and I aren't together, I am alone. I will go shopping at the mall alone or grocery shopping alone while he is at work. There are many things I do on my own and I open every door, no problem. Well yesterday my sister, Carrot (or rather Caren) came into town for my birthday and after dropping Nik off at work, we went to the mall to go shopping. am not alone at this moment because Carrot is with me. Carrot and I get out of the car and walk up to the Nordstrom doors to enter the mall. We get to the door and I just STAND THERE. haha. I look at the door and then her as if I am waiting for Nik or someone to open it. I then burst out in laughter! haha. I wasn't alone at that time so my mind just automatically told me to wait and the door will open. hahahaha. I end up opening the door and explained to Carrot what the deal was. haha. Everytime I was with someone for the last 3 months, it was Nik and he would open my doors.

LOL! I hope you find this as funny as I do. I felt like a complete idiot! It was classic.

Oh wait! Later on that evening when Nik got off work we all went out to eat and then to see Love Happens. (great movie, btw) We go to the theater and this is one where you open one door and then you have to go thru another one right after that. Nik, of course, opened the first door so Carrot and I went in. We then stood there waiting for him to open the next door but he was still holding the first door for the other people behind us, because he is just that much of a gentleman. Carrot and I are standing there and it doesn't register in my head that Nik is not going to be able to open that next door until about 5 people gather into that same confined area as the two of us. So after it registers I rush over and reach for the door, which was completely weird, and I opened it for everyone else while laughing to myself. It was very funny. Carrot understood what was going on only because of the mall scene I put on and she was laughing as well.

Nik is so wonderful to me and to any lady he is around. I love that he cares this much for me and every other Daughter of God to do this. No other boyfriend has ever treated me the way he does and I love him even more for that. I could go on and on about him, but I think you catch my drift. Hope you enjoyed my funnies.

Open Please!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Okay....let me start out by trying to describe out apartment layout to you...When you are in our bedroom you can walk thru the bedroom door to the living room and then take an immediate left into the bathroom...or...starting in the bedroom again, you can walk thru our walk-in closet and go into the bathroom thru the other door. Hopefully that makes our bathroom has two doors in it to walk all the way thru.

SO! That night Nik and I were watching something on the TV in bed and it was really funny that I got hiccups from laughing so hard. When it was over I forgot I hadn't taken off my makeup nor had I put in my retainer. Nik was asleep so instead of opening our bedroom door to walk thru the livingroom into the bathroom that way, I walked thru the closet to get to the bathroom and quietly close the bathroom door behind me. I had the hiccups really bad. They were hurting my chest every time. I was trying to keep them quiet so I wouldnt wake up Nik but it wasn't working.

As I am done brushing my teeth, taking off my make up, and washing my face I am almost done getting ready for bed and heading back when all of a sudden Nik POPS open the living room entrance into the bathroom and SHOUTS "BOO!"
I SCREAMED bloody murder
because he was suppose to be asleep!!! He was not suppose to hear me!!! And for all I knew it could have been an intruder scaring me in my bathroom!!!

After I am done screaming and Nik stops laughing, Nik explains he was trying to scare me to get rid of my hiccups. Well...hiccup...hiccup....they DIDN'T GO AWAY!!!! Nik couldnt stop laughing. He was practically on the floor! I was still scared out of my mind...oh and it being pasts 11pm I am pretty sure our neighbors LOVED him for that, just as much as I did!

haha....Now looking back....whenever either of us bring it up we can't stop laughing. I seriously thought someone broke into our apt and he just thinks it is funny I screamed so loud. UGH! hahaha. Nik was suppose to be sleeping!!!! HAHA.


Slower Traffic Keep Right

Ok....lemme tell ya....I am not the biggest fan of Utah drivers! They are always speeding and driving crazy and seriously I miss the speed cameras in AZ. When I was there in AZ I hated them but now they seem like a really good idea. Well I guess there is a law here in UT that does not allow for such cameras and it really ticks me off! Do you know how many red light runners I see on a daily basis?? At least 2! How about speeding?? Too many to count! This really scares me because what is going to happen when snow and ice come? The same thing!!! And of course there is never a cop around when you need one. comes by story...

Nik and I live in Provo and on this one Saturday I was heading about 20 minutes south to Payson to help my Aunt paint her house that she is trying to sell. I am heading down the freeway and there is tons of construction. I watch for the speed signs because the last thing I need is for a ticket and especially a ticket in construction where the fines double for speeding. I finally find the speed limit sign and follow it going just a little over 5 mph over...I was trying to keep up with traffic.

Well the speed limit kept changing as I went in and out of construction. It goes from 55 to 65 to 75 to 55 and so on and so forth. I kept a pretty good eye out and always went 5 over what it said.

Sidenote: I got a ticket about 1.5 years ago for going 15 over...all because I wasn't paying attention and never saw the new speed sign. So a cop on a motorcycle on the other side of the road WAVED ME DOWN! He didn't even come after me with lights and all...he WAVED! Ugh! So I turned around to go get my flippin' ticket! I was afraid that if I didn't turn around he would come after me and I would get in even more trouble. DUMB! So yes, I got a speeding ticket and it was a nice $172.75 fine. Let me tell ya...I am very cautious now when it comes to speeding because I know what it does to your insurance, as that is my line of work. It scares me to death!

So...back to the story...I am driving along with traffic and as I turn a corner I freak out because I see a cop standing next to his murdercycle with a speed gun aimed at traffic. I was in the middle lane and hoped he wouldn't have caught me because I forgot how fast I was suppose to be going and what my actual speed was. I flipped out, let go of the gas pedal real fast, and couldnt keep my eyes off the rear view mirror to see if he was coming after me.

After staring for like 30 seconds behind me....HE WAS AFTER ME...LIGHTS AND ALL! I was shaking and tears started filling my eyes. I was trying to come up with some horrible excuse about some friend of mine in the hospital and I was her only friend so I had to RUSH there...but nothing was coming to mind. ugh! He is after me at full speed. Comes right up behind me for what felt like an ETERNITY!!! My heart was racing, my hands were shaking, and I was sweating.

After probably 15 seconds, he turned his blinker on and moved in the lane to the right of me and sped off. WHEW!!! He was after someone else. Now...I was freaking out but this time I was not going to "give in" and get a ticket like I did last time from a simple wave of the cops' hands. I was thinking that if he really wanted to pull me over he would put on his sirens and I would make him work for it! hahaha. Thank goodness it wasn't for me. whew! The whole rest of the drive I was shaking and so scared. Even when I got to my Aunt's house I was shaking and still short on breath. And let me tell ya....the whole 20 minute drive back home guess which lane I occupied. THE RIGHT! Yep. Let all them UT drivers pass me and get them some tickets!

But wait...the story doesn't end there! That night Nik and I went to West Jordan to visit one of his comps who is half Japanese and his mom would make us a traditional Japanese dinner. (Nik went to Japan for his mission so that is why this is cool to us). So...on the 40 minute drive there I was so worried about speed. We finally got our selves in the HOV lane and figured we would be safe. Only 15 minutes into the drive we saw a cop car coming full speed behind us with lights on and everything. GAH! My heart dropped - AGAIN! Luckily the cop was just trying to get in front of some other vehicles to be able to move across the lanes all the way to the right and off he went after some other dude. The thing was....the car he pulled over looked to be going the same speed as everyone else, so I don't know why he got pulled over and I never will...but if that cop just felt like picking him out of the crowd that was all going about 12 MPH over the speed limit...then the cop could have pulled ANY of us over...Nik and I INCLUDED!

GAH! Speeding scares me and the tickets that follow. Not a fan! Twice in one day....scary!!! So the right lane is my new favorite place to drive. I don't care...I will not speed....I will go a couple over the speed limit but I will not get myself another speeding ticket. They cost so much money and stay on your insurance for 3 years!!!

Sharing is Caring!

So I haven't posted in a while but boy do I have some funnies to tell you!

Let's start with the usual dinner at the Berry House. Ok? I usually have the main meal made by the time Nik comes home and then when he gets home I finish the last stuff...veggies, fruit, salad, or anything else that is better fresh. Sometimes I will ask Nik for his help and this one particular time made me laugh the hardest.

I ask him to cook up the frozen green beans and so he started with getting the bag out of the freezer and getting a bowl down from the cupboard. He proceeds to put the frozen green beans in the bowl and puts them in the microwave. Once it beeps he pulls them out, puts some butter on them as well as salt and pepper. He brings the bowl to the table.

Notice how I never mentioned him putting the now cooked green beans on our plates or in separate bowls? That's right...because it never happened. We eat dinner and then before I know it I look over at him and this is what I see - Nik holding the green bean bowl up with one hand and a fork in the other, grabbing the LAST green bean out of the bowl! They were GONE! He sees me looking at him with a sad puppy-dog face as he puts the last one in his mouth. He then immediately looks down at the bowl and then back at me and realizes he ate them ALL! He smile with a mouth full of green beans and swallows. I asked "what about me?" in a sad little cute voice. He replies "I brought these over to share" and smiles again in a sorry but cute smile.

Hahaha I couldn't help but laugh so hard at that face and what he just did. It was the funniest thing ever. Lol. Yes, he really did mean to share but he was just enjoying them too much and ate them all. So every now and then when we have to share something I always joke about letting me ACTUALLY eat some of it or what not.

This same thing happened at breakfast one time. He had made waffles and brought everything to the table. He asked what I wanted to drink and I told him I wanted milk. Well, I'm not if it is this way with every male but with Nik he would rather keep it small and simple. So he grabs a big cup out of the cupboard and pours milk in it and brings it to the table. That's right, just one cup....a big one. Well I didn't really pay attention and need any milk to drink until later...and of course it was at the moment Nik takes the last sip of milk. I look at him with that same over-exaggerating sad face as I see there is no milk. He makes the same "whoops" face as he looks at the cup and then at me and then at the cup and back at me. haha. It was so funny I laughed hysterically again because this was the second time sharing wasn't really the best of options. haha. We both laughed for a long time.

I love my husband and how cute and funny he is. He is always making me laugh with the funny little silly things he does on purpose and not on purpose. He is all mine and I couldn't be any more happy!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Me? A New Wife? Must Be.

I don't know what my problem has been ever since we got married...but I canNOT for the life of me read and follow a simple recipe. SIMPLE, I said.

It started with Monday's Sunshine Chicken. The recipe said to bake COVERED for 30 min and then UNcovered for 15. Guess what Dawna did...yep...UNcovered the whole time. Seriously...I felt like such a doof cuz the chicken didn't come out crispy like it should have and it simply told me what to do. duuuhhhh Dawna.

It's a good thing we ate out Tuesday night on our way to Harry Potter cuz it would have turned out a mess just as Wednesday ended up turning out.

So Wednesday comes along and I get home from work. I have 2 hours to get dinner made and then go pick up Nik from his job. I wanted to actually make something good rather than the norm - Mac & Cheese or Hamburger Helper. An idea popped in my head - CHILI! Yeah, baby! We got all the stuff for it, I just need to thaw out the ground beef. I go stick the frozen meat in the microwave and it starts heating up. Then I realized and figured the chili would taste much better with more time to I decided I would make the chili another day and instead made some last minute recipe searches and came across Mini Meatloaves. All we needed was ground beef, onion, salsa, cheese, bread crumbs, and egg...oh and a muffin pan. Had all that! It cooks for 20-25 minutes, plenty of time before Nik gets off work. "Okay, Dawna...let's do this."

I take the thawed ground beef out of the microwave and chop up the onions. I decide - "Oh, ground beef and must brown them together. Okay I got time for this still." So I put them in a pan and turn the stove on. "Brown the meat and onions together...smells good. Can't forget the salt and pepper for taste. Yum!"

Once I am done with that, I put it in a mixing bowl so I can add the rest of the ingredients. Then I stick my hands in the bowl to mix it up and I think "hmmm...I don't remember it being THIS hot when I would make it with Mom and Carrot. I'll get a spoon." So I mixed away. Forgot the egg, but didn't realize that til after the fact.

I spray the muffin tin and think to myself, again, "I wonder why I have to spray the tin. The meat isn't going to stick. Oh well...I'll follow the instructions (or rather destructions) like I should." The meat mix goes in each hole and I place it in the 400degree oven. I wash the dishes during that 20minutes and then I take the meatloaf out.

"Hmmm...they are a little dark. I must have cooked them too long even though that was the shortest time possible. Oh well, gotta go pick up Nik."

I leave the house and I kid you not...1/2 mile into the drive I realize "IDIOT!!! You aren't suppose to BROWN the GROUND BEEF! DERRRRR" I laugh the whole way to Nik's office and on the way I call my Mom to share with her my funny new episode of "New Wife-ness" and we share a good HARDCORE laugh...but she tries to make me feel better and tell me that she is laughing WITH me and not AT me. Well truth be told...this ONE time...she was right. She was laughing with me. I couldn't believe myself.

Nik jumps in the car and I am still laughing. I told him everything and we were gonna eat it anyways cuz that was our dinner. He was laughing pretty hard too. He was happy I was laughing at myself too instead of crying over it. I must say I am very proud of myself for that reason.

We get home and eat it along with mashed 'tatoes and corn...I tried to not screw those up too much. Turned out good. I checked the recipe for the meatloaf and NO WHERE on the card does it say to BROWN the meat. No Where. I was just thinking "Onions and beef...must brown." I was also still in the mindset of CHILI!!!

Needless to say we are still alive and kickin'...comforting feeling, right? Twice Baked Meatloaf is a new Berry recipe!!! You should try it! NOT! hahah. But I will give you the recipe below of Cheesy Salsa Mini Meatloaves. How you choose to make it is up to you...and as you see from my example...browning the meat is not a good route to take. :D Enjoy!

Cheesy Salsa Mini Meatloaves
1lb Ground Beef
1/2 c. Finely chopped onions
1 egg
12 Saltine crackers or 1/2 c. Bread crumbs
1 1/2 c. Mexican Four Cheese
1 c. Salsa

1) Heat oven to 400degrees
2) Mix first 4 ingredients with 1 c. cheese and 1/2 c. salsa
3) Press evenly into 12 muffin cups sprayed with cooking spray. Use back of spoon to make indentation in center of each. Place muffin pan on foil-covered baking sheet.
4) Bake 20-25 minutes. Top with salsa and cheese and bake 3 more minutes until cheese melts.

Did you see any browning to do?? Nope...but you are more than welcome to do so! Twice Baked Meatloaf. YUM! I a new wife?? Must be!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Beginning of a Beautiful Thing

As Nik and I have spent almost 4 years together, the most recent verse of our song began on June 10th of 2009, so we decided it would be fun to share a blog as we write out this song ourselves.

Now let me explain why our blogger is ~CuzItsUAndMe~...because that song, 'You and Me' by Lifehouse is what Nik and I consider 'our song' and what we danced to as Husband and Wife for the very first time. It is a song with special meaning to us.

So give us time right now as we try to figure out this blogging thing.

We are excited to be able to connect and keep in touch with our family and friends this way.

Love you all!