Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Night Corner Help

For my Birthday, Caren came up to spend the weekend with me and Nik. That Friday we decided to go get burgers at Five Guys (the BEST burger shop everrr) and then go to the movies and see Love Happens. In between events we had to kill time so we ran down to Walmart just to walk around. As we were leaving there was, and always is, some person on the corner asking for money or help or anything. Well this one guy was asking for any kind of help to get a job. Nik decided to pull over and tell the dude about his own job. We found out the guys name is Brady and he looked to be in his 30's or 40's.

Nik kept talking to the dude but was also holding up the line of cars trying to get out of the parking lot. As the cars behind us were honking and getting irritated, so was I. Our movie was about to start, people were getting mad at us, and I didn't really think the guy would actually take what advice Nik had to offer. I'm sorry. Don't judge me. This certainly has taught me a lesson on judging street corner people.

As people kept honking Nik decided to pull back into the parking lot and talk to the guy some more. I, yes unfortunately, mumbled some under my breath as we were going back to the parking lot. I understand and have 2 handfuls of family members that are currently seeking jobs or better ones then where they are currently. I understand that the job market is not the best and that many people are suffering. I am terribly sorry for my rash judgements towards this man. I didn't think he would do anything but keep sitting on the street corner.

Nik gave him the address to his office. Nik is a Supervisor for this company that sets up Realty Seminars. It is kinda like a telemarketing job and so the turn-around rate is very high. They hire anyone as long as they can speak and arrive to work on time. The pay starts around $8/hour but if you do well they are quick to raise you up. So the chances of this guy getting a job there if he showed up was high. Brady sounded like he was a good worker and he said the only reason he is out of a job was because the construction business is hurting and so he got laid off. He has a family back at home and just something to make money to put food on the table. I then started feeling so sad for him and immediately started helping Nik give him confidence about showing up to his office and that he would most likely get a job. Nik told him that Wednesday is the hire day and to be there at 11am.

We leave and go to the movie. I apologized to Nik for being so crabby about helping this man out. At least his sign wasn't asking for money but rather for a job of any kind. I should have been more kind.

Wednesday came around and when Nik got off work I asked him if Brady ended up showing up. He did! And even better...he got the job! But gets better...he shows up early each day and ends up signing a lot of people for the seminar. Brady is very good. I felt really bad and started crying because of the judgement I placed on this man from the street corner. He has now been there for over a week. He is doing very well. Nik will even get a bonus if the guy sticks around for a month! It looks like he will unless he finds a better paying job.

I now look at the those in need a little bit differently. Kind of changing the subject - When my mom was here visiting we passed by that same Walmart corner and there was a different person there. My mom hurried into her wallet and pulled out a few bucks. I asked her "Why did you give him money? Why not just run over to McDonald's (which was right next door) and get him some food? He is probably hungry." My mom then so calming and with such a caring attitude said "That man is hurting and he can use what he wants with that money. If he wants food, he can get it. If he wants alcohol, he can do it. It is up to him and he will be judged with what he does with the money he was given, not me." I never thought of it like that. The only reason I thought so horribly was because back home there was a homeless man on my street corner by Walgreens and he would get money and he would go get alcohol from Walgreens with it. That is what he did and so I haven't had the best feelings towards giving money to those people.

Anywho...LONG story short...I am so grateful for my husbands kind and loving personality. He is always willing to help people out. I am so very blessed to have a mother that is STILL an example to me and someone I look up to. I really do hope Brady can keep this job until he finds a better one. I pray for those out there that need help. I pray for my family and friends that are without jobs and are struggling. My opinions have changed and I am trying everyday to be a better person. We all need help. It is not our place, nor has it ever been or will it ever be to judge wether one is deserving of it or not. We need to give help and what others decide to do with that help will be up to them and we will be blessed for it.