Friday, November 20, 2009

If You Can Laugh Through It, You Can Live Through It.

This is an oldie but a goodie.

I was about 6 years old, making Carrot (my sis Caren) 3 years old. It was a summer day so my dad was at work and my mom was stuck with us kids all day. She had to get ready for the evening or something like that so she picked up McDonald’s to keep us occupied and fed while she took a shower and got ready. Would you like to know what I had in my Happy Meal?? My family could tell you because this is what the whole story revolves around. I had Chicken McNuggets. YUM!

My mom headed into her bedroom to get ready and Carrot and I sat in the kitchen at the table eating our Happy Meals. I was a little bored and decided it would be fun to take a piece of Chicken McNugget and stick it up Carrot’s nose just to try to get it out later. She didn’t fuss, didn’t push away, didn’t fight at all…she LET me do it! She might have been 3 but I was only 6…so heck, we didn’t know any better. Haha.

I shoved a piece up here nose, just in the front part of the nostril, and then the part I was looking forward to the most was suppose to happen next – getting the nugget out. Hello! Operation was a game I was VERY good at. So as she sat there in the chair I ran around the kitchen getting forks, butter knives, toothpicks, and even tweezers from the bathroom. I tried and tried for a long time. I was using all those tools to try to get it out, I even made her blow out her nose while I pushed the unclogged nostril shut. That didn’t help either! I was beginning to panic because I knew my mom would not be happy with this.

After enough time went by and Carrot just sitting there patiently, I decided to knock on my mom’s door for help. She yelled through the door to find out what the matter was and I yelled back through “Caren stuck a chicken nugget up her nose and now it’s stuck!”

My mom came rushing out of her room and went straight for Carrot. She tried everything too and all it did was push the nugget up even further. She decided it would be best to rush her to the Cigna Healthcare for help. We got there and from what I remember, Carrot was just fine…other than the fact she had a clogged nugget-nostril. The nurse stuck a suction hose up to her nose and it pulled that nugget right out!!! WHEW!!!

Now, I did not confess to my mom that I was the one that actually put it up her nose until about 3 years ago. All this time she thought it was Carrot and it was so funny. Now whenever Chicken McNuggets are brought up, the family always gives me crap about it. Hahaha but it brings up good laughs.

As my subject lines says “If you can laugh through it, you can live through it” I am laughing and living…and I sure hope Carrot is now. Hahaha Poor girl. Word to the wise, never leave kids alone with chicken nuggets. :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Rude Awakening && Some Laughs

I’ve never considered myself to be claustrophobic but in this last year I have found myself to be more and more scared of being trapped. This was all proven even more so this last weekend. Let me start from the beginning.

Saturday morning Nik and I woke up to find snow falling down ever so nicely and lots of snow on the bushes and cars across the street in the parking lots. It was so fun to look at that and realize we lived in a place that SNOWS! Snow is pretty and it is fun but I don’t like to be cold or wet…so we shall see how long I really think it is pretty and fun.

We finish getting ready for the day and around Noon we are ready to head out and run some errands. The snow had stopped and the snow on the bushes and cars had melted. I ran down to our parking garage to get the car while Nik finished getting ready. I brought the car up and parked it right in front of our door for an easy leave. The sky was blue and pretty and I thought it was going to be a great day out. WRONG! I ran inside to finish packing up my purse and waited no more than 2 minutes for Nik to finish up. We walked outside to get in the car…and it was SNOWING. HARDCORE!

Just a reminder…we are from Mesa, AZ and we were lucky enough to get an inch of snow 1.5 years ago that actually stuck to the ground. That was a crazy fluke. That never happens. So we do not like the snow, nor are we used to it. I was sooooo scared driving. I couldn’t see far ahead of me nor could I see too far behind me. The windows were fogging and so I to take care of that while making sure I got the snow off the windshield, so on and so forth. The snow was coming down so fast it would just sweep across the street. I felt soooo claustrophobic because I couldn’t see all my surroundings clearly. I was so afraid of getting in an accident. I HATED IT!!!!

Luckily we got to our destination safely and that storm only lasted about 15 minutes. Then it was clear blue skies the rest of the afternoon.

Did I tell you I hate snow and am not a big fan of Utah??? We are going to AZ for the holidays to thaw out. Thank heavens!

Onto the funnies. Nik and I stopped at Sally Beauty Supply to get some hair clippers so I can cut his hair, which turned out great! While we were checking out Nik decided to check out the little cheap items right there in front of the register. The one item was one of those collapsible brushes that you have to open up and then push the bristles out and then you can use it. Well, Nik opens it up but pushes WAY too hard on the bristles and snaps the brush, causing some of the plastic connector pieces to fling across the store and down the aisle. His face was priceless. My face was shocked. The cashier’s face was caught off guard. And all in all we couldn’t stop laughing. Nik ran over to get the plastic piece as I just stood there stunned at what just happened. The cashier was nice enough to not make us pay…it was only a dollar. No biggie. We got in the car and our sides were hurting so bad. I wish I would have been able to take a picture of his face when it happened. It was HILARIOUS! Then all throughout the day we would just randomly say “Remember the hairbrush?” and bust up laughing. We were laughing so hard we had tears streaming down our cheeks.

I am so happy to be married to my best friend who makes me laugh even when I am miserable because of the snow and being wet…all because of a hairbrush!