Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Blog

Well....I have started another blog. I thought ONE was hard enough...so I need your help to keep me inline. ;-)

Anywho...it's true. Here is the link.

It's just a simple blog that will showcase new recipes I find.

Heck, who doesn't want to try something new....and can I say....EASY!!!
I know I like that idea! And so does the Nikster. 

So...as I look for new recipes and try them out, I will post them here for you to try. 
I have to successfully complete the recipe in order to post it...which means ANYONE can do it too if I have!
Trust me...I am NO Pro and definitely NOT any better than anyone when it comes to cooking or baking...but I AM trying to expand on the few recipes Nik gets stuck eating every week.

Check me out. Follow the adventure. And enjoy!

I am always [the whole purpose of the blog] looking for new delicious and simple meals....so email me if you have some for me to try! I would love it!

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StacieJayne said...

Yay for YOU!! And lucky Nik!! What fun being able to eat all of these delicious and creative things that you fix for him! Your poor Dad got stuck with an unimaginative wife, so I'm looking forward to your blog helping yo' Mamma!! :D

Terri Ann said...

I'm very excited for this. I've actually been thinking of starting a "cooking" blog, for awhile now. Maybe when and if I ever get married, I'll start one too. lol.

(And, just fyi, the when and if could be sooner than we both think ;) )